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"I love the crackle on the old vinyl / I rock break loops / and make moves from my HQ / I stay true to the ancient ways / the herbalist curb surfer riding pavement waves"

Gravediggaz - 6 feet deep

Man, I feel like this album is so overlooked! I guess a lot of people might think I am crazy but it's easily in my top 10 all-time hip hop records and I personally hold it up on the same level as 36 Chambers... in fact, I may even consider it to be slightly better as a complete top to bottom album if I am totally honest with myself.

I mean what more could you want... two of the all-time legendary hip hop producers, individually responsible for any number of bonafide, 100% era-defining hip hop classics, working together on one project! Add to that a couple of hugely charismatic Rappers in Fruitkwan (Stetsasonic) and Too Poetic with a heavy sprinkling of peak-era rapper-RZA and Prince Paul on the mic himself. Then mix it all together with a bunch of feature performance from the likes of Biz Markie, Killah Priest, MC Serch and Masta Ace. Total gold!

I often wonder if the fact it was a concept LP (maybe hip hop's first?) that spawned the fairly dubious subgenre of "Horrorcore" means it doesn't get taken particularly seriously when talking about '90s era hip hop top 10s etc. I guess a whole load of raps about violently killing people, talking people into committing suicide, chewing off your own arms, injecting drugs with rusty needles, pouring vinegar in your eyes and torture could be a little off-putting to some. But you know what? It should be in more people's top 10s... it's top to bottom incredible and genuinely sounds like nothing else, before or after!


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Another mix of mine from a couple of years ago that might be of interest to a few of you on here - especially given the feature on "London's Young Jazz Renaissance" in the most recent Wax Poetics Europe print edition we received (Issue One).

I had spent most of 2018/19 buying just about every bit of wax that came out on Brownswood and Jazz-Refreshed etc so this is the end result of that accumulation... 

It features pretty much everyone mentioned in the WP magazine article (Shabaka Hutchings, Moses Boyd, Ezra Collective, Sons of Kemet, Theon Cross, Kamaal Williams, Yusseff Dayes, Nubya Garcia, Comet is Coming, Melt Yourself Down, etc) and a few more slightly less high-profile members of the scene (1000 Kings, Tri-Force, Ruby Rushton, Lewis Express, United Vibrations, Kokoroko) alongside some more recent (and complementary) UK hip hop tracks, all cut together with some classic jazz-themed British comedy (Mighty Boosh/Fast Show). Expect to hear more of the beat-driven aspects of the tracks than the epic sax freak-out bits (which to be honest, I do tend to struggle with a little bit).

Anyway, check it out below if you're interested and let me know in the comments if you enjoy it so I can bath in a brief moment of the social media induced self-satisfaction that we all sadly live for these day!
 Below is a WP inspired Pic of all the vinyl used in the mix 😉
Again, for those with a soft spot for actual cassette mixtapes like myself, it is also available physically on a limited to 50 copies 90 min cassette tape (of which there a few still floating around online and (possibly) instore at Rarekind Records).
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My brother and I spent a decent proportion of the first UK lockdown trying to musically summarise the general headf**kery of the first 100 hundred days of the experience in a mix... we both did 45 mins (one side of a 90 min cassette each), the end result of my half of the effort is below...

I've since recorded it onto 50 limited edition cassette mixtapes with homemade artwork that I have randomly given away, surreptitiously left in charity shops or sold in Brighton's Rarekind Records. And thanks to the joys of being tagged on the internet - it's been brilliant to see the physical copies of it turning up in places as random as Venezuela, Canada, Slovakia and Thailand. Actual cassette mixtapes are still alive and appreciated it seems!!!

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