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Charlie watts

"True musical virtuosos are minimalists who put Roll above Rock."
This quote from Mike Edison's book Sympathy for the Drummer describes the legendary Charlie Watts perfectly. RIP to a master timekeeper who truly put the Roll into the Stones.
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Dexter Gordon - Manhattan symphonie

I finally got around to checking out this Dexter Gordon LP I found on the street last week (perfectly clean! One man's trash... 🤷‍♂️). It's a latter era thing, 1978, and not the time period you associate with Dexter Gordon. But that doesn't matter.
In any genre, but maybe particularly in jazz, every so often it's good to listen to a real master to remind yourself what it's supposed to sound like. Dexter Gordon's tone is so rich and full, his phrasing absolutely authoritative, he's in complete command of the song and his improvisation.

This track is particularly interesting, because John Coltrane, who wrote the song (and had departed earth ten years earlier) was a clear disciple of Gordon's. So, the master is covering the student's song. When he navigates the changes you're left wondering who you're listening to sometimes, Coltrane or Gordon!
Aside from all that, it's a great groove. At the magical jazz dance parties that only seem to happen in my head, this is a definite winner.
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Mancunian madness rematerialised

Well this is a nice surprise!
The inimitable Luke Unabomber announced via social media this morning that legendary Manchester party Electric Chair will return Sept 19 with an All-Dayer (well, 2PM - 11PM). The guest? Oh just some bloke named Harvey. I know this is a London-centric thread/page, but this is so good you may want to jump on the M6 and take a little up North trip.

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chucky thompson

Producer/remixer Chucky Thompson has passed away due to complications from Covid. A foundational member of the Bad Boy and Hitmen camps, Thompson was an undisputed cornerstone of '90s Hip-Hop and R&B, whose creations for icons of the time like Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Biggie, Nas, Rihanna, New Edition, Tevin Campbell, TLC, SWV, Usher, and J-Lo established the sound of an era. A DC native, Chucky got his start in the '80s as a conga player for Go-Go king Chuck Brown. More recently, he was the brainchild behind an acclaimed documentary on the Tuskegee Airmen for the History Channel. 
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Dennis "DT" Thomas, founding member of Kool & the Gang

People, the world today is in a very difficult situation.
And we all know it because we're the ones to created it.
We're gonna have to be the ones to clean it up.
We're gonna have to learn to live together and love each other.
Because I believe one day someone or something
Is gonna wanna judge who's creating
All this corruption and death and pollution
And all these difficult situations on earth.
And He's gonna wanna know
Who's gonna take the weight?
  • Dennis Thomas 
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Paul johnson and kelli hand

I'm going to quote Harry Russell, who puts it well:
The last 24 hours have claimed the lives of 2 people I have had dealings with, known and respected. Both were African Americans...both of them had the odds stacked against them...Kelli was the first female to break into a male dominated world in the dance music industry and be crowned the "First Lady of Detroit" which she rightfully is...Paul was in a wheelchair since the late 80's after being shot, lost one leg due to complications of that incident and the other one in a car accident. years later...he still found time to put out 7 albums and release 85 singles....Kelli...15 albums and 62 singles...a heroic effort by both parties involved and to me something more to be celebrated than some trophy in sports...both of these people gave it their best, said "fuck it" to the establishment and showed all of us it can be done, whatever the obstacles are...Massive respect to both and let's keep the fire burning....

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RIP Dusty Hill (ZZ Top)

ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill, who played with the Texas blues-rock trio for over 50 years, died Tuesday at age 72.
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Frankie Knuckles' Record Collection

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