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Record collector. I have a problem.

Kraig Kilby - Satori

Anyone come across this album? 30 year passion project that sounds interesting and visionary. Just been reissued. I've only heard a bit so far but am loving it.

From the reissue notes: Equally meticulous and wild, lyrical and chaotic, nostalgic and trailblazing, it’s not an exaggeration to herald Satori as one of the most adventurous and prescient Jazz albums to have ever fallen through the cracks. The recordings feature musicians working at the height of their power at a critical moment in Jazz history, when the widening gap between the avant-garde and the dancefloor tended to draw musicians to one side and cast shady glances towards those on the other. Kilby somehow manages to capture both of these possibilities with an ease and expansiveness that is ascribed to the giants of the era.


Asher Gamedze - Dialectic Soul

The algorithm put me onto this South African jazz drummer's album recently and I thought I'd share. Elements of spiritual jazz and out jazz. 

This track is what hooked me, but it's not indicative of the sound of the whole album, which otherwise has more of a quartet playing off a theme vibe.

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Cleo Sol - Mother

Cleo Sol put out her new solo album today. Just giving it a first spin and wanted to share. You may know her (without knowing you know her) as the singer from Sault. I haven't seen credits for this, but odds are it is produced by Inflo (also of Sault). Simple soulful songs. Great voice and instrumentation.

I just spent way too much money no the vinyl pre-order. Canadian dollar and shipping prices will be the end of me.  

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Anyone listening to the new L'Rain album? It's an amazing record coming from an experimental tradition, with an R&B slant. Lot's of interesting production and layering in the sound. Highly recommend for fans of good headphone music.

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