Record lover

How do you dig?

I was wondering, if you go crate digging, what is your approach? Things you look out for? How do you discover new music?

Personally I like to throw in a few albums from time to time just based on album cover, of course genre always plays a small part, but sometimes a great looking cover can really stand out in the crate (Discovered Yin Yin this way, never heard of them before buying The Rabbit).

I also look at the musicians when something looks interesting, if I recognize a name or two I like to pull the trigger and take it home with me.

With jazz I can also be influenced by the source, a AAA Jazz record mastered by some of the greats like Kevin Gray, pressed by QRP or Optimal will also sound like music in my ears..

And last but not least, I like to chat with the people behind the counter, sometimes they know about the hidden gems that I otherwise never thought off.

Curious to find out you’re approach!
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[Movie] jazz on a summer's day in cinema

Right now the documentary "Jazz On A Summer's Day" is playing in most art house cinema's in Amsterdam!

Directed by Bert Stern, restored in 4k, about the yearly Newport Jazz Festival, this doc is focussed on the 1958 edition with artists like Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk and Chuck Berry. 

Wasn't able to see it myself just yet but thought lot's of people on the forum would enjoy it as well! 
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