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Nice event going on this Sunday in one of my personal favorite Amsterdam venues, Doka (under Volkshotel). Mendel & Red Greg playing from 5pm-midnight. Have been to a few of Mendel's outdoor versions of this over the summer and is always good fun, a nice crowd, and really excellent music. Am sure it'll be a good one. I'll be there, pretending it's not Monday the next day...


First heard this years and years ago sitting in a tiny Vietnamese restaurant in Brixton market. This DJ turned up outside with a very (!) DIY portable unit and the first thing he played, at full volume, was "Also Sprach Zarathustra". It was like the whole market stopped and was transported into this mad space / funk experience for a few minutes. All things considered, one of the best opening tracks I've ever heard. (Also one of the best Pho I've ever had, FYI)

Good times.
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When I download music I stick it straight into Serato and then file them away in genre / crates etc. directly in Serato. It means my Serato is very well organised, but my actual hard drive is a total disaster. If I'm then just taking USBs to play out somewhere, I can't just drag and drop the tracks, in order, onto a USB. I have to manually do it from my hard drive. Which takes ages. So - in a nutshell - I'd like to tidy up my music on my hard drive directly.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks as to how best tidy up my hard drive to reflect how my music is organised on Serato, without having to manually organise 000's of tracks from scratch? Is there some software that can help? Or a trick I'm missing?

(note: Image above is NOT my room! 😉)


Not been to this before but it looks fun. And is happening still it seems!

Just got put onto this by a friend in South Africa and thought I would share. Nice new album from a South African band called BLK JKS (pronounced Black Jacks). Worth checking out. 

On Spotify: 
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One day festivals please!

One day festivals in Amsterdam are a-go! Anyone got a list of "what's on" by any chance? 


Ex-Drovers Dog is now a really great food / music / community venue with a proper sound system and radio station. So needed in AMS! Definitely worth swinging by if you can.
Great Tony Cercola track early on. Nice little mix. 

M'BAMINA - "african roll"

Stumbled across this a few months back. The whole record is amazing. Don't know much about them other than they were six emigres from Congo, Benin and Cameroon living in Pavia, near Milan in Italy. M'Bamina means ''Lightning'' (apparently!) and this track below is exactly that... 

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