David Holt

Publisher of Wax Poetics


I realised I didn't have much Lee Perry in my collection. I nipped to Honest Jon's and they put me onto this... its brilliant....

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COFFEE - Slippin’ and Dippin’

Live now....

"Back when landlines ruled the world of interpersonal communication and caller ID was a mere twinkle in Ma Bell’s eye, certain phone calls were stone-cold bummers to receive. If a friend took a “personal and professional dynamic growth” course, for example, an adrenaline-fueled scripted monologue about living their truth could be on the other end of the horn, and I dreaded picking up those jingles..."

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100% pure poison - coming right at you

Not even sure where this record sits on rare/great/grail lists but I love the track 'You Keep Coming Back.' I picked this up when I first started buying records, probably before I knew about jazz, soul or funk and that track has always stayed with me. Often pull it out and have a listen, worth finding for that. 
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Charles webster - born on the 24th july

Great lo-fi electronic house type thing. He released something new this year, but I just kept going back to this. One of those that falls to the back of your collection but well worth bringing to the front again.
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