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Peace y'all! My name is Will Johnsen, I'm a long time WaxPo reader, avid record collector, chef, writer and all around music fiend. Excited to take part in this community.

P'Taah "Compressed Light"

 Wow! I remember vaguely picking this up at Zion's Gate in Seattle long ago. I remember digging on it but not really paying it too much attention. And I know I haven't pulled it out of the crates in easily 5 years thanks to life and my records ending up in storage until recently. I put this on this morning and from the opening track I knew I was in for a treat. It's beautiful. For something that dropped 21 years ago it has a decidedly modern vibe. The combination of electronic meets jazz isn't exactly a new idea but this blurs the line even more. Pulling from dub, house and even a bit of straight techno but tosses in ethereal sax solos and wild funky synth work outs. If you're like me and forgot about this joint it's worth dusting off, and if you've never heard it definitely give it a try!

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Let's Talk grails?!

What's on y'alls most wanted list? What's something you've been searching for since you started collecting and holding out hope you'll come across it in the wild one day? How about the flip side, anyone snagged a grail recently or just in your collecting life? What was it? Did you pay a premium or was it severely under valued?

For me I'm kicking myself for not picking up Flygod by Westside Gunn when it first went live on Daupe years ago and sat as he wasn't who he is now. Can't imagine I'll ever be able to afford it now. I'm also after Captain Murphy's Duality - wasn't paying attention to RSD back then. 

I've been on the hunt for anything produced by David Axelrod, Sun Ra, Impulse & CTI records since I started collecting. Also back in the day WaxPo produced a poster w/ around 300 album covers on it, all the building blocks of hiphop via famous samples and sonic ideas, that has been a guide for me for a long time - I have about 50 at this point.

From that poster I've long been seeking Nat Adderley's Soul of the Bible, had never seen it in person and a couple weeks ago I found it in my fav shop in Seattle. It was a lil pricer than online but was in great shape and being that I'd never seen it I had to snag it!
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Peace to the Wax Poetics community! Wanted to drop a link on here for my weekly mix I do - "Sabbath Sessions" - this started during lockdown while my buddy Mizo and I were buying way to many records and wanting to share the sounds with people. Our styles are fairly rooted in the Wax Po realm of Hiphop, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Electronic and whatever else strikes our ears. We have both been collecting for a long time are always looking to excavate some new sounds from our crates but keep it fresh with modern tunes as well. Thanks for listening!
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