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Dekmantel selectors - croatia it is

Most Dutch festivals are canceled, but not this one! Probably because it takes place in Croatia. Selectors is going to be very sweet for music fans who don't shy away from a great 4/4 in combination with loads of frying sunshine... Lekker!
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Where's the sun?

 I don't see enough of it here in Amsterdam... ! Rain all day...
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Rush Hour records in photos

Hi all!

Since I am living in Amsterdam & Rush Hour's thee record shop I used to work for many years,  I thought it would be an idea to share some highlights. Many memories were made in those years. If you're visiting the city, the shop is just behind Dam square.

a selection of photos from their social media and some comments.

First and foremost: excellent listening booths...

Weekly drops displayed on the wall..

Outrageous ADE in-store sessions...

Your host with the most, Rogier.

Stay out if you have an allergy... only real dawgs allowed... 😅

Hijacking street windows to display cover art....

Hosting radio...

... and present at fairs!
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25 years of Pride Amsterdam

It won't be celebrated as we are used to... but there's still a march taking place.

"This year Pride Amsterdam exists 25 years and that would have been celebrated with the traditional street parties all across the city. Unfortunately, it has become known that most of the parties can’t continue because of the new COVID-19 measures. That’s why the board of Pride Amsterdam has decided to postpone the big festive celebration of our 25th anniversary to 2022. However, many small activities will take place and the Pride Walk will return on Saturday, August 7th (see the event for more info). Please also note: Keep an eye on this website for updates and relevant info."

Check their website for more info:
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We Out Here festival

Happening in August! Brought to us by Gilles Peterson.
In case we didn't already know ;-)
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Great series! Check out this episode with D'Angelo

Gökçen Kaynatan - s/t

I love Finders Keepers their singular, off-kilter approach to music. They re-released great soundtracks (for vampire movies etc). Through them, I found out about  Turkish musician, Gökçen Kaynatan. Heavy psy-beats on this album! Check out the opening track Doğanın Ötesi! The whole LP is great, and available on Spotify.

Finders Keepers: "The missing component in the history of Turkish pop and one of the earliest exponents of Turkish electronic music alongside İlhan Mimaroǧlu and Bülent Arel, Gökçen Kaynatan electrified the rock and roll scene of the late 50s/early 60s – sending teenagers wild with his custom built guitars and back lines – helping charge the climate for the birth of Anatolian rock."

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Bohannon - Love Floats

Hamilton Bohannon made loads of extremely infectious disco tracks, but also the velvety dreamy Love Floats... What a beauty! 😢 

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Ronald Snijders - Zonnige Surinamertjes

Ronald Snijders is arguably one of Netherlands' best flute players. The Surinamese flutist released 20+ albums -- sought after albums such as Natural Sources, A Safe Return, Black Straight Music or Funky Flute (self released). And he made music for children. I'd like to share "Zonnige Surinamertjes", released on Snijders his own Black Straight Music label, and one track in specific; the super cute rap gem called REP. 

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