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Below are some house rules that we would love you to read through quickly before getting started.

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  • We are a small team and this is a new project for us. Please help us moderate the space and keep it as the open, welcoming, music space we all want it to be. If you notice anyone or anything you think goes against our community, please flag this with us.
  • If ever you experience anything here that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please reach out to us at
  • We want to support the music community. Please reference the identity of the music (artist / title) or other artistic works that you’re sharing.
  • Please play nice. 
  • We have a huge range of members, writers, artists, DJs, producers, and more here. While debate and discussion is actively encouraged, let's not make it personal. You could be talking to them.
  • Posting links or information on leaked music or other material, or illegal file-sharing of copyrighted material is prohibited.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to share your own music discoveries, playlists, mixes, events etc. but try to refrain from plain advertising and posting spam.
Finally–and most importantly–please enjoy it. We're all here as we have a shared passion for music. Let's make this place great together! 

We hope you love it.

The Wax Poetics team